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What is cork block used for?

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Cork brick is an auxiliary tool for beginners and poor flexibility trainers to help adjust posture and assist the body to achieve some movements. Cork bricks(including gym chalkweight plates) can help us support different parts of the body and avoid beginners' tension from other parts of the body due to poor softness or insufficient muscle strength


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1.What is cork block?

Cork brick is an auxiliary tool for beginner yoga practitioners and poor flexibility practitioners to help adjust posture and assist the body to achieve some movements. Cork bricks can help us support different parts of the body and prevent beginners from getting nervous in other parts of the body due to poor softness or insufficient muscle strength (if you don't have cork bricks, you can use thicker books instead). When doing some basic yoga moves, for example, you can use bricks to make a forward-curved hand when you can't reach the ground; when you do half-moon, you can use bricks to make sure that the balance is not stable.


2.What is cork block used for?

Cork bricks are aids for doing yoga exercises. It is mainly to prevent strain when doing difficult movements. In some yoga asanas, you need to fully extend your arms or lower your waist to touch the ground. The auxiliary brick can help beginners to stretch the pelvis, and then slowly adjust the distance between the cork brick and the ground, and gradually complete the perfect actions such as self-softening and extension. When doing some genre yoga movements, in order to meet the absolute standards of movements, use cork bricks to help the movements.

In yoga asana, some movements need to fully extend the arms or touch the ground with the lower waist. Cork bricks can help stretch the bones. When doing hand-to-ground postures such as triangle stretching, the hands can be supported on the cork bricks. After doing the spine When bending movements, using cork bricks to support the body can reduce the probability of injury. On the basis of safety, every movement is put in place to strengthen the body shaping effect; or in a heroic sitting position and a diamond position, such as a practitioner Use the help of yoga bricks when the instep is not soft enough to complete properly.



Non-slip, waterproof, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Flexible and crack-resistant, lightweight and durable.

Improve body flexibility step by step.

Helps each action achieve the required accuracy.

Cork bricks is made of cork material. The super strong feel and heavyness make yoga enthusiasts love it. Cork bricks can provide very good support when completing any asana, not only because of the right volume, but also because of the soft wood feel and good functionality.


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