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How to use yoga bands?

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Using yoga bands to exercise can effectively improve the flexibility of the body and increase the coordination of the body. It can also strengthen muscles. In short, using yoga band exercise can improve the effect of exercise, and can also effectively treat some chronic diseases. But can you really use yoga bands? Is fitness right?


This article contains the following:

  1.  Classification

  2.  Features of yoga bands

  3.  How to use yoga bands?



l Yoga Rally:The Yoga rally is an auxiliary tool for practicing yoga. It is used to help complete the movement when your ligament is not open. For example, the hands are held behind the body, and the ligaments of the shoulder joint are not opened, so you can use yoga rally to help. Or the back dance style, etc .. Mainly, do your best during the practice, and don't force it too much to avoid unnecessary injuries due to strain.

l Yoga stretch belt: It is an auxiliary product when doing yoga exercises. Such as half-faced, when the two hands are not enough to reach, you can use the stretch belt transition.


2.Features of yoga band

l Yoga Rally:The yoga tension band has good resilience, and it can easily cooperate with the movements in yoga training to achieve better plasticity.It is suitable for young people and women with low strength. It can effectively stretch and exercise the whole body muscles, stabilize the posture and control the extension distance, effectively improve the physical activity ability, and shape the perfect body curve. Can increase the fun of exercise and change a single exercise method.

Length: 1500mm width: 150mm thickness: 0.35mm

Colour:The mainstream colors are blue, purple, pink, green and pink, which are loved by  women.

Material:The yoga tension band is made of natural rubber, which has the following   advantages over other synthetic yoga bands: good elasticity, high strength, good   comprehensive performance, etc.In addition, nylon, network, cotton and other materials  can be selected.

l Yoga stretch belt: Yoga stretch belt are also called yoga ropes. They are not elastic. In addition to helping the bones stretch and extend the time of posture, the stretching bands can be used to hold the body only in place, so that the two hands can be vacated and extended. action. The best choice for stretch straps is this double buckle.When practicing waist bending or leg extension, it can be used as a foot lift or waist relying on force.

Cleaning and durability:Can be washed and wiped with a wet cloth.

Convenience:Can be rolled up for storage and easy to carry.


3.How to use yoga bands?

l Yoga Rally:First,slim shoulders and breasts. When training elastic bands, make your shoulders sink naturally and keep your chest as high as possible. Of course, you don't have to go too far as long as you lift your breasts without feeling hump.

Second,the knees point to the toes. When standing and using the elastic band, the  knees should be slightly flexed and not be too straight. Because if the knee is excessively  stretched, the posterior knee ligaments and soft tissues will be stretched and loosened,  resulting in joint instability and easy injury. In addition, during standing training, the  knee joint should be oriented toward the toes and not buckled inward to prevent injury  to the medial ligament.

l Yoga stretch belt:Sit on your back to stretch the muscles on the back of your legs, and stretch the bands around your forefoot. If the back of your legs is very tight, it may not be 90 degrees, or you can be closer to the ground.

Yoga stretch bands help to open the medial muscles of the legs, stretch the adductors  of the legs, and the other hand assists the pelvic alignment.

Assist in completing the cow-face-type exercises, suitable for people who cannot reach  each other with hands.

To assist in the practice of open shoulders, the distance between the hands is just  enough to allow the shoulders to rotate around and open the muscles on the front of  the shoulders.

The boat type assists the core muscles to make the boat more stable and effectively  assists the stability of the spine.

Four-post support, stretch straps tied to the big arms, the upper body is just on the  stretch straps to control the converging power of the elbows.

Yoga dolphin-style exercises also assist in arm opening, shoulder space establishment,  and  neck release.


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