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How to use a yoga wheel?

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Everyone knows more about yoga, but there are many asanas done with tools in yoga, such as aerial yoga, yoga ball and yoga wheel. Yoga wheel is a prop used in practicing yoga.How many people really know how to use a yoga wheel?


This article contains the following:

  •  What is yoga wheel?

  •  How to use a yoga wheel?

  •  Who are suitable to use yoga wheel?  


1.What is yoga wheel?

It is reported that the yoga wheel is a tool for assisting exercises in yoga. The yoga wheel looks like a wheel and is hollow in the middle. It is expected that the practitioner can lie on the yoga wheel to practice, which helps to relax the back and cervical spine.

The round design conforms to the direction of movement of the spine, without rhomboids. The perfect mechanical action is more in line with the concept of yoga. The inner layer is made of super-pressure-resistant resin material, which can carry 150 kg, ensuring the safety and stability of yoga practice. The outer layer is attached with a 5mm premium advanced PRO material (same as the manduka yoga mat material). It is exported to European standard materials. It has better slip resistance and feel, and is more flexible.

Yoga wheels can stretch, massage and adjust the spine. It can help yoga practitioners open the chest and also develop the flexibility of the shoulders. Practitioners can use the yoga wheel to practice more feelings and discoveries about the body in the back bend. They can also use the yoga wheel to practice the core of the abdomen, as well as to make the back better relaxed and supported.


2.How to use a yoga wheel?

Compared with basic yoga, yoga wheels have certain difficulties. Even beginners can practice yoga wheels. Let's take a look at the usage of yoga wheels:

Stretch side

It's not easy to open the side of the body. It's hard to stretch the sides on the premise. The yoga wheel can open the side of the body well, giving more space to the side, especially the position of the intercostal muscles. Knee on the side next to the yoga wheel, put your body on the yoga wheel and feel the extension.

Open shoulder

The yoga wheel can open the shoulders and let you experience the coolness like never before. Roll back and forth, breathe, relax on the yoga wheel, and feel the pressure melt from your shoulders. When exhaling, practice releasing and releasing stress.

Massage the spine

In this exercise, let the arc of yoga fit on the back of the spine. Note that the hips do not leave the wheel. When the legs are folded, the front side of the thighs that are forced to shorten and stiffen will be fully stretched and rolled during the backward rolling process. Muscle, so it is very suitable for sedentary legs with stiff and swollen legs. While relaxing the back muscles, it also passively stretches the leg ligaments.


3.Who are suitable to use yoga wheel?  

1.Breasted humpback

The unique round design of the yoga wheel fits the curvature of the spine more effectively, which can better assist the Gamma person to open the shoulders and chest, and relax the back muscles. For breasted humpbacks, it can help improve the stiffness of the spine. For example, adolescents who are in the developmental period, white-collar workers who work for a long period of time, work and study for a long time, it is easy to have a bad sitting posture and cause chest hump, stiff back and spine, which will seriously affect the respiratory system operation, and a series of shoulder and neck problems, leading Chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness, insomnia.

2. Yoga beginners

In addition to helping to practice backward bending safely, for Yoga tiro, it can also play a multi-functional role in protecting different joints in various asanas.

3.Intermediate and advanced practitioners

For advanced yoga advancers, it is also a variety of handstands that support, balance and deepen asanas.


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