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How to choose the best yoga mat for your practice?

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We all need yoga supplies when practicing yoga. Yoga mats are one of them. If we can't make good use of yoga mats, it will bring us many obstacles in practicing yoga. So how do we choose yoga mats? How to clean yoga mats? What are the classifications of yoga mats?


This article contains the following:

  1.  Classification

  2.  How to choose the right yoga mat?

  3.  How to clean your yoga mat?

  4.  Precautions



Yoga mats are the following mats for practicing yoga. Yoga mats are divided into traditional yoga mats and upright yoga mats:

Traditional yoga mats are yoga mats without lines;

The upright yoga mat is a lined yoga mat that not only has the general functions of traditional yoga mats, but also guides you to practice more scientific and precise yoga asanas.

The materials of yoga mats are generally divided into rubber foam, TPE foam, PVC foam, EVA, latex mat, NBR mat and so on.

The surface of the yoga mat is uniform, full of air bubbles, soft to the touch, non-toxic, odorless, non-slip, strong rebound ability, and strong resistance to tearing. In addition, the yoga mat can effectively block the cold on the ground, has strong grip, has outstanding resilience, flatness, non-slip, and human skin affinity. In addition, other fitness exercises can be performed on it, which are suitable for children's play mats and outdoor camping mats.


2.How to choose the right yoga mat?

l Choose by material

u TPE is the most high-end product for yoga mat products. It does not contain chloride, metal elements, and antistatic. Each mat is about 1200 grams, which is about 300 grams lighter  than PVC foam mats. It is more suitable for carrying out. General thickness 6mm-8mm

Features: soft, comfortable, strong grip-it is more reliable when placed on any  ground. Compared with PVC yoga mats, it weighs about 300 grams and is more  convenient to carry around.

Reminder: TPE-based yoga mats are expensive.

u PVC foam (96% PVC content yoga mat weight is about 1500 grams) pvc is the name of a chemical raw material, it is a raw material. However, PVC did not have softness and played a role of anti-slip and cushion before foaming. Only by foaming it can finished products like yoga mats and non-slip mats be produced.

Features: PVC material is affordable, can be bought everywhere, quality is guaranteed,  and  cost-effective.

Reminder: Avoid buying inferior yoga mats made from secondary materials.

l Choose by thickness

Regarding the thickness of yoga mats, the common yoga mats on the market have thicknesses of 3.5 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm. One of the most basic suggestions is that beginners can use a thicker, such as 6 mm thick yoga mat, to prevent sports injuries. After having some foundation and experience, you can switch to a yoga mat with a thickness of 3.5 mm to 5 mm. Of course, if you are very afraid of "pain", you can always choose a relatively thick yoga mat to practice.

l Choose according to the type of yoga

If you practice yoga based on soft training, you will often encounter the action of sitting  on the mat. At this time, a thicker and softer yoga mat will make you more comfortable. But if you are practicing a more pulsating yoga type such as Power Yoga, Flow Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, then you need a thinner and harder mat. Too soft yoga mats are not very convenient for movement. Some more sophisticated people also feel that too thick yoga mats hinder their contact with the ground, etc. In fact, the thickness of the yoga mats depends mainly on personal preference.


3.How to clean your yoga mat?

l Put clean water in a washbasin, add washing liquid, and stir well.

l Put the towel in the washbasin, and then dry the towel after getting wet.

l Wipe the yoga mat with a towel to clean the dirt.

l Replace the washbasin with clean water and wash the towel. Repeat with a clean towel several times to wipe the washing liquid.

 *Hang the yoga mat in the shade to dry.


4. Precautions

Pay attention to the following points when buying a yoga mat: the length should not be shorter than the height, and the width should not be narrower than the shoulder width.

The thickness is about 6mm. If the cushion is too thin, it will feel pain when the joints touch the ground. If it is too thick, it will affect the stability of standing motion. (Generally speaking, beginners choose 7MM yoga mat is more moderate)

Observe the elasticity of the yoga mat. Squeezing a yoga mat with your hands, if you feel that your fingers are easy to pinch together, it proves that the yoga mat is too soft. Even if the yoga mat is thick, the joints such as knees will hurt when they touch the ground. Such as yoga mat is not very good, our fragile skin is unacceptable, and easy to break, not easy to store. Be sure to choose a flexible, soft and hard yoga mat to match your practice.

Uniformity of yoga mat. Lay the yoga mat flat and observe how well it foams. If the foam surface is uneven, it will easily be damaged during use. If the foamed bumps are damaged, they cannot be repaired.

The weight is moderate. Because yoga mats often need to be carried with us, try not to choose overly heavy mats for easy carrying.

The non-slip property of the mat surface. Press the mat firmly with the palm and push it forward. If the mat slides on the ground or your hand slides on the mat surface, it means that the non-slip property of the mat is not very good. It is possible to cause unnecessary injuries during the exercise. Such mats should be used with caution.


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