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How do you choose a yoga ball

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Yoga ball is a new, interesting and special sports fitness exercise. Today, yoga ball exercise is especially popular among urban women because of its fun, soothing, safe and obvious effects. , Hips, legs, and other muscle groups, and these muscle groups play an important role in maintaining body balance, improving body posture, and preventing sports injuries.


This article contains the following:

  •  How to choose a yoga ball?

  •  What is the use of yoga ball?

  •  Precautions


1.How to choose a yoga ball?

First, see if the material of the yoga ball is safe and non-toxic. We can identify it by smell. Use high-quality raw materials without odor, and poor-quality toxic raw materials will have a sharp plastic smell. Do not buy. In addition, whether the GS certification passed the TUV test can also indicate whether its materials are harmful to humans.

Secondly,looking at the materials, there are two types of yoga balls on the market today, explosion-proof materials and pearl materials. Explosion-proof ball adopts high-grade explosion-proof material, feels soft like a sponge, and has the tire-like compression resistance and flexibility, and high spring-like elasticity. It can generally bear a weight of about 400 pounds, and it is safe and reliable. The pearlescent yoga ball has a smooth surface and good reflectivity, but in terms of technology, it only has some pearlescent powder added, and the thickness is a bit thinner than the explosion-proof material.

Third, it depends on the feel of the yoga ball. The surface of the yoga ball should be delicate, soft and highly elastic. The better the hand feel, the better the foaming technology of the manufacturing process, and the smaller the yoga ball surface processed by the smaller foaming technology, the softer and more delicate the surface.

According to the height selection, the yoga ball above 1.60 meters and 65 cm below 1.60 meters are selected. When using the ball, you can hold your hands and your feet can be the best choice.


2.What is the use of yoga ball?

First, yoga ball exercise is suitable for all people to exercise, including those who need rehabilitation treatment. It makes exercisers safer during exercise, avoids strong impact on joints, and avoids sports injuries.

Second, the yoga ball is very interesting. When athletes perform common equipment exercises, such as treadmills and sit-ups, athletes can only consume several calories by repeating a few actions for a long time, which makes the fitness process of athletes very boring and tedious. Yoga ball exercises have changed the traditional training mode, allowing athletes to play with the ball with enthusiastic music.

Third, yoga ball exercises help to train the body's balance. In the past, fitness exercises were performed on the ground or on equipment with strong stability, and athletes did not have to consider the balance of the body too much. The yoga ball is different. The athlete uses the yoga ball to get off the ground. For example, sitting on the ball is a balancing exercise. Raising one leg raises the difficulty of balancing. It will be more difficult to move the raised leg slightly.

Fourth, correct your sitting position. When a person sits on the ball, the body is not relaxed, and your back, hips, knees and other parts are constantly making fine adjustments to keep yourself balanced. These minor adjustments help blood circulation in the intervertebral discs in the spine and strengthen the back. By adjusting your body's center of gravity and balance at any time, you increase spine movement, strengthen your back strength, and maintain a correct sitting posture. At the same time, using the flexibility of the yoga ball can also correct your sitting posture. Therefore, when sitting on the yoga ball, the athlete will involuntarily straighten the waist plate and shoulders back. This is an instinctive reaction of the body to prevent falling, and it is also a correct sitting posture.



The athletes who come to do yoga ball exercises are best to wear tight clothing, because when doing sports, the human body often comes into contact with the ball, loose clothing will make movement inconvenient. At the same time, it is best to choose shoes with non-slip soles. Of course, this also needs to be considered according to the situation of the fitness center floor.


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