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Do you need a meditation cushion?

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With the popularity of yoga, more and more people participate in yoga classes to practice yoga, and more people are aware of the positive meaning and role of meditation. When you decide to participate in meditation, you need a high-quality meditation cushion to promote your better thinking and meditation.


This article contains the following:

  •  What is meditation?

  •  What is the use of yoga ball?

  •  Why you need a meditation cushion?

  •  Ingenious Use of meditation cushion


1.What is meditation?

Meditation is one of the most precious techniques in yoga.

The ultimate goal of all true yoga meditation is to guide people to the realm of liberation. A yogi is subduing the mind through yoga meditation and is free of material desires. Feel the direct communication with the original motivation. The true meaning of yoga meditation is to completely focus the mind and spirit in the original beginning.


2.principles of meditation

Choose a special place to practice, this will help you find a sense of tranquility and easy access to yoga meditation.

Choose a fixed time-early morning and evening is ideal.

Use the same time and place to relax and calm down faster.

After sitting down, keep your back, neck and head in a straight line, facing north or east.

Keep your body warm during meditation (you can wrap your body in blankets when it's cold) and guide your consciousness to stay calm.

Let your breathing proceed regularly-first take a deep breath for 5 minutes, then let the breath calm down.

Create a rhythmic breathing structure-inhale for 3 seconds, then exhale for 3 seconds.

When your consciousness begins to drift, don't care too much and don't force yourself to settle down.

After calming down, let the consciousness rest on a fixed target, either on the eyebrow or the heart.

Use your chosen meditation technique to get into meditation.

Until a very pure state of meditation arrives, do not force and let the free state continue to exist naturally.

After a period of practice, the free state of mind will slowly spread and eventually enter pure Samarium (the state of highest consciousness).


3.Why you need a meditation caution?

Just as you need a proper bed to get a good night's sleep, if you want to build consistent practice, you must use a high-quality meditation caution. Fortunately, having cushions is convenient for people to meditate for a long time, not only easy to store, but also for real comfort.

The human body is neither flat nor curved. Without proper support, your body will succumb to the shape of the surface it supports. This usually causes misalignment of the legs, hips, spine, shoulders and head, and may cause discomfort. Meditation mats can greatly improve your posture and comfort during meditation. As with any exercise, meditation requires the right tools to ensure the success of the exercise.

Common meditation postures include the traditional full lotus, half lotus (cross-legged), kneeling (seize), chair, and lying (shavasana) postures. In meditation, you can use multiple poses for meditation, such as half lotus, and use savasana at the end of a yoga class. The ability to meditate in any sitting or kneeling position depends heavily on the flexibility of the ankles, knees, and hips. In most cases, some type of support is needed to maintain proper alignment and comfort during meditation. At this point, you need a meditation cushion.

4.Ingenious use of meditation cushion

In addition to meditation cushion, they can also be used as bay window pads and meditation pads, and can also be hung on the walls to decorate the room atmosphere.

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